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Our most heartfelt appreciation goes out to the individuals, families and organizations who support our work. 
We could not exist without you! 

Our Founders & Supporters

These giving levels are an homage to George Balanchine's iconic work, Jewels, whose three acts, each dedicated to a gemstone, exhibit the unique genres of ballet from Classical Diamonds, through Romantic Emeralds, to Contemporary Rubies. Balanchine, a boundary-pushing choreographer and founder of the New York City Ballet, represents the ideals of the Movement Arts Collective, honoring the past with a distinct eye on the future. 

Diamond Level ($10,000 and above)


Emerald Level ($5,000 and Above)

Dr. Kevin Ferguson & Julie Lynem

Kim & Jerry Scott

Ruby Level ($2,000 and Above)

Kurt Jackson, Central Coast Wealth Management

Steve Jobst & Jill Anderson

Steve Johnson & Elizabeth Guho-Johnson

Patricia & Erick Sturcke

Digital West

The Movement Arts Center

JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery via Margaret & Scott Shirley through the Wonderful Giving Program

Taryn Stanko

Thomas & Malena Hsia

Yvonne Macias

Jennifer & Charles Fulbeck

Alan Strasbaugh & Janice Noll

Bill & Linda Thoma

Meg & Steven McCall

Bert & Candee Forbes

Sharon Harris & Dennis Schneider

Generous Supporters

Carole Barnickel

The Berg Family

Anne F. Eselun

Katherine Mix & Michael Powell

David & Ann Lawrence

The Shirley Family

The Tabarez Family

Marilyn Wilson & Viktor Lund

Jessica Cozzetto-Duong

The Paredes Family

The Pruett Family

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