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A Message from the Collective

In 2019, the SLO Movement Arts Collective had reached a quality of excellence that was being recognized throughout the community.  Their mission to bring a new and exciting vision of dance to San Luis Obispo was being realized through the artistic direction of Maartje and Ryan Lawrence, both professionally trained dancers with international experience.  

The Company choreographed and performed a contemporary ballet exploring the timely

theme of immigration, set to original music written by local composer Logan Castro.   In January, 2020, in a sold-out performance at Cuesta College, they looked at the connections and misconnections between human beings, set to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, in collaboration with San Francisco cellist, Jonah Kim. The response from the audience was a spontaneous and lengthy standing ovation.


Then Covid-19 struck.


The movement and the momentum abruptly halted. The music went silent. Performances were cancelled.  Our vibrant company of dancers were in lockdown, and could no longer collaborate together.  Ryan and Maartje just shook their heads.


With the spring, tiny buds of new life took hold.  Plans for unique performances in unique locations were being discussed. Ways to create encounters that educate audiences about the art and history of dance were being developed.  Intimate discussions with other arts groups were being held to encourage more collaborations that challenge the boundaries that separate the arts. The Board of Directors agreed that the Company could, in early 2021,  hold auditions in a way that was Covid-safe.The SLO Movement Arts Collective was rising.


There is a ballet term, releve´… It means “to rise,” and that is what SLO Movement Arts Collective intends to do.  





We can’t do it without you. We can’t do it without the support of the community that we serve.  

We know that many arts organizations are looking for funds.  We are looking for funds to connect.  We are looking for funds to join with other artists and arts organizations, so that we can all rise together.  Help us meet the greatest challenge to the SLO Movement Arts Collective.  Help us meet the challenge to our young dancers, who need this experience to move forward in the world of dance. Help us to meet the challenge of keeping the arts alive in our community.  

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