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To achieve our mission, Movement Arts Collective relies on a range of support, from fundraising activities, including special events like our Family Ranch Roundup, to sponsoring performances and workshops, to volunteers, and of course, through financial donations of any kind.  Please consider making a donation today. You can read more about it, below. 

All donations are tax deductible.

Click on the PayPal button at right and enter in the amount of your gift. You can make a one-time gift or pay in monthly installments. 

Join Our Founders Campaign

Our Founders Campaign is an effort to seek sizable financial support from individuals, families and organizations. Those who contribute to the Founders Campaign will become an important historical foundation for the Movement Arts Collective!

Campaign Details

Any qualifying gift will be recognized as part of the Founders Campaign. All gifts will be matched, up to $25,000, through the generosity of an anonymous donor. That means a pledge of $2,000, for example, will be recognized as $4,000. Larger gifts can be made in 2-4 installments, if needed, payable by the end of the campaign. 

Giving Options

$10,000 - DIAMOND | $5,000 - EMERALD | $2,000 - RUBY

These giving levels are an homage to George Balanchine's iconic work, Jewels, whose three acts, each dedicated to a gemstone, exhibit the unique genres of ballet from Classical Diamonds, through Romantic Emeralds, to Contemporary Rubies. Balanchine, a boundary-pushing choreographer and founder of the New York City Ballet, represents the ideals of the Movement Arts Collective, honoring the past with a distinct eye on the future. 



Those who contribute to the Founders Campaign will become an important historic foundation for the Movement Arts Collective and will be recognized in an artistic fashion befitting our mission! You'll also gain access to rehearsals and special events, be recognized in performance programs and on our website, and invited to an annual Founders Campaign event. 

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Visit our sister studio, the  Movement Arts Center, for ballet and contemporary dance classes.

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