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About the Company

Founded in 2017 the Movement Arts Collective was started as an incubator for local dance talent to develop into the dancers of the future through interaction with professionals, the creation of quality artistic productions, and collaboration with other arts organizations.  With a three pronged goal of performance, outreach, and education we are committed to enriching lives through movement and art.

Meet the Collective

Enhancing SLO's Cultural Landscape


The Movement Arts Collective is dedicated to presenting new creations created by a diverse group of choreographers headed by the Artistic Directors.  Timely contemporary works and updated classics can be seen on the stages of San Luis Obispo.  In addition we collaborate several times a year for performances in various venues including art galleries, outdoor settings, and at festivals throughout the state.

Modern Ballet Dancers

We believe that the gift of movement is meant to be shared.  Each year the dancers of the Movement Arts Collective bring modified participatory performances to underserved populations.  Reaching out into the community speaks to the heart of arts and is not only a memorable experience for the audiences but also a treasured moment of the year for our organization


Capitalizing on their professional backgrounds, each season Ryan and Maartje invite special guests to work with the collective in workshops, master classes, and choreography.  These interactions not only benefit dancers but enhance audience's understanding of the art form from a national and international perspective.

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