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Modern Dance
The Dancer's Commitment

What It Means to Be a Part of Our Company

I will commit the time necessary to create and perform the work of the Movement Arts Collective. This includes attending rehearsals for which I am called, participating in performances, and being involved in outreach workshops, unless previously excused. Additionally, I agree to inform the direction of all other commitments which may prevent me from fully committing my time to the efforts of the Movement Arts Collective, including but not limited to, participation in other performing arts organizations or school productions.

I will commit my physical and mental energy to the creation and performance of the work of the Movement Arts Collective, regardless of my company position or role. I agree to maintain or improve my technical ability through committed study in ballet classes, including pointe if appropriate, throughout the season.

I will commit to my physical and mental health throughout the season, maintaining an appropriate training regime to avoid injury and alerting the staff and seeking medical attention when injury occurs. I commit to nourishing my body and addressing conflicts and concerns about the health and well-being of myself and others when needed.

I will commit to my colleagues, treating them with respect and supporting them on stage, in the studio, on social media, and beyond. I will not bully, knowing the power of my words and actions, and will choose to use them to lend support, strengthening the company rather than weakening it.

In exchange, the artistic staff of the Movement Arts Collective agree to commit to provide an experience that honors my time and energy, regards my health, and respects me as participating member of the creative process.

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